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We have experience in various DCS systems and Programmable Controllers including Honeywell Experion, Honeywell TDC3000, Rosemond RS3,  ABB 800xa and Delta V.

GREEN MANTIS, LLC  is a full service Industrial Automation System Integrator specializing in the proper application of Distributed Control System (DCS) techniques and PLC programming in a variety of industries including Oil & Gas (Refineries & Offshore), Utilities, Pharmaceutical, Food, Automotive, Steel, Household Products, Material Handling, Municipal Water, and Wastewater Treatment.

Our stronghold is helping our clients automate any tasks that need to be repeated or duplicated. We leverage decades of expereince in developing new solutions or using proven client solutions in developing an iron-clad automation solution that takes all other factors that can affect production into account.

We pride ourselves in demanding and working on the most challenging projects in some of the industries we are involved.

These include design and implementation of various regulatory and advanced control schemes, tuning of PID loops, data analysis to develop models and relationship between variables, optimizing manufacturing sequences, etc.

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