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System Integration

Feasibility Studies- Build appropriate control system technology solutions based upon customer requirements. This could include the Statement of Work and budget analysis.

Control System Specifications - Generate detailed specifications for control system procurement and evaluation, based on needs.

Control Panel Design - Design and fabrication of control panels required for customer operations. DCS/PLC Configuration – programming and testing of distributed control systems and/or programmable logic controllers in compliance with Recommended Practices by ISA.

HMI Configuration - Programming of HMI based on Human-Centered Design and ISA Best Practices. To establish proper business systems hierarchy, we generate graphic & trending displays, logging & reports, plant performance calculations, and interface of the “process floor”.

Data Concentration & Analysis - Connectivity solutions to link multiple vendor automation products seamlessly as if they were all from the same vendor. Data reporting and analysis.

Installation - Electrical and/or mechanical installation of all control systems components. Management of installation contractors.

Modifications- Updating, replacing, trouble-shooting existing plant control systems.

Custom Software - Custom software, system interfaces, custom protocols.

Control Strategy Development - Develop Process & Instrument Diagrams (P&ID) to determine the appropriate control system technology solutions. This could include written control system descriptions for further system definition.

Control Equipment Specifications - Generate control system hardware specifications based on the process requirements.

DCS/PLC Configuration - Programming and testing of distributed control systems and/or programmable logic controllers.

SCADA Systems - Supervisory control and data acquisition systems setup.

Industrial Ethernet Design & Configuration - Design and configuration of industrial plant Ethernet communication systems. Plant communication security, HMI security, firewall requirements, and remote access solutions.

Documentation - Detailed system documentation that not only includes control configuration printouts, but also written system description, instrument data sheets, I/O lists, alarm lists, control system operation and maintenance manuals, and other control drawings if required.

Start-Up & Commissioning Assistance - Field checkout, startup, and troubleshooting of control systems for successful plant operation.

Training - Plant-specific controls training, general process control training (flow, level, pressure, temperature, controllers, etc.).

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