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We usually begin with Product Quality Management Improvement, mostly utilizing the FADE method. Continuous and consistent quality improvement is a must pre-requisite for all the Quality Management Systems.

Our ability to generate and interpret the most intricate and relevant data means we can troubleshoot issues and develop appropriate solutions in the process controls, process improvement or automation realms leading to streamlined processes and huge savings.

We are experts in providing Automation design and implementaton for repetitive tasks which cuts down on error and reduces waste, improves efficiency and increases profitability. 

Simply optimizing the functionality of PID standalone or cascaded loops can provide over 80 percent of savings that could be realized with complicated and time consuming advanced control schemes.


We bring our experience in all facets of the Automative industry including design, operations, procurement, controls and DCS configuration, optimization as well as automation of any repeatable tasks.

GREEN MANTIS offers SWR is an intelligent and environmentally-safe chemical solution suited for numerous industries and applications. EPA certified as a green alternative!

  • Heavy cleaning: Oil, Water, Sediment separation on all types of surfaces and soils.

  • SWR replaces toxic and hazardous chemicals, is not flammable or corrosive and is reusable.

  • Previously lost oil can be reclaimed.

  • Expensive equipment is rejuvenated.

Universal Characteristics

SWR™ is non-toxic, biodegradable, reusable, non-flammable and also acts as a rust, scale, and corrosion cleaner and inhibitor.

Auto applications:

Automotive Dealerships/Paint Pretreatment/Auto Repair & Refurbishing

  • Cold Tank Cleaners

  • Hot Tank Cleaners

  • Immersion Cleaners






  • Collision Shop paint gun cleaner & paint pit detackifier

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