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We have a collaborative culture with many of our partners and our highly skilled associates in very diverse engineering and IT fields.

GREEN MANTIS, LLC is an innovator and has been involved in pipeline, storage facilities and terminal station construction for gas transmission, liquids, and products pipelines up to 58” diameter. Green Mantis continues to offer a unique and diverse group of services for all your project construction requirements. Green Mantis has the equipment, manpower, resources, expertise and partnerships to schedule, manage, and construct pipelines of any size and length in all terrains and in any part of the world. Green Mantis has developed a group of experienced industry professionals with each having their own following of craftsmen and helpers. Green Mantis' construction teams are focused on safety, quality, and efficiency resulting in a cost-effective and optimized project execution delivered on time and within budget.

Green Mantis offers skillsets in many engineering areas such as chemical, mechanical and power plant engineering that apply to all types of manufacturing facilities.

We take a comprehensive approach to optimizing production facilities that aims at reducing waste, optimizing products and increasing equipment lifespan. Our specialities range from process design/re-design, process troubleshooting, process controls/advanced controls and optimization to Training and custom software development. 

Green Mantis

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