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GREEN MANTIS, LLC is a fast growing Advanced Process Control (APC) and Optimization provider for the Continuous Processing Industries.

GREEN MANTIS, LLC provides the following services in the APC and Optimization sphere:

  • Hundreds of Advanced Process Controls solutions on the DCS without the use of modeling software to provide Robust controls with > 95% online factor.

  • Rigorous first-principles modeling and services for design validation during the Front-End Engineering Design process

  • Process and control system expertise to assist in plant design and verification

  • Hundreds of man-years of successful implementations applied to major units in various industries around the world

  • Post-commissioning operator training and post-audit benefits reports

  • Extensive knowledge of all major Distributed Control Systems (DCS)

Some of the benefits of APC & Optimization include:

  • Increased profits

  • Shorter commissioning times

  • Improved safety and reduced risk

  • Improved availability and reliability

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