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We have a collaborative culture of creative project solutions with a commercial focus. Complexity in the project environment is where we excel.

GREEN MANTIS, LLC will utilize its proprietary engineering/thermodynamic software solution package to confirm the design parameters of your process. This will be followed by a simulation to show where there are differences between the plant design and current operations. 

Our experienced engineers will then utilize this knowledge along with our vast experience to design unique controls/advanced controls and optimization  schemes which will drive your plant to optimal savings and profitability.

We offer skillsets in many engineering areas such as chemical, mechanical and power plant engineering that apply to all types of manufacturing facilities.

We take a comprehensive approach to optimizing production facilities that aims at reducing waste, optimizing products, increasing equipment lifespan. Our specialities range from process design/re-design, process troubleshooting, process controls/advanced controls and optimization to Training and custom software development. 

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