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GREEN MANTIS, LLC is a fast growing Advanced Process Control (APC) and Optimization provider for the Continuous Processing Industries.

GREEN MANTIS, LLC provides a  simulation package that will bring the complex world of engineering thermodynamics to the hands of everyone in a very visual way. The package will begin by providing a simple means of understanding your system of interest. With over 600 compounds (components) to select from, there will be an almost endless combination of systems and subsystems to work on. Using 300 to represent the compounds that are more often used results in over a quadrillion different systems that could be studied

  • The package then branches into different subsystems such as in-depth simulations of single systems and comparisons of different single components, binary and ternary subsystems. For the multi-component (greater than 3) systems, there will be all sorts of calculations including single temperature and single pressure tie-lines, muti-temperature and multi-pressure tie-lies, system phase envelopes and much more. These calculations are displayed in a visual form that enables the user to visualize the system and clearly understand how changes not only affect the system but also predict how changes that are outside the limitations of the cubic equations and other systems being used will affect the system.

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